Teeny Tiny Tomato Plants

Numerous high quality tomatoes born on vigorous ornate plants that are well under two feet tall, and sometimes as small as six inches.  

The flavor and appearance of the fruit make Minimaters unlike any other micro-tomato variety out there.

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Minimater Lines In Progress

Laura Baby

Named after my wife, Laura Baby embodies opulence. With a heavy fruit-set of elongated, striped red tomatoes and a smooth sweet tomato sauce flavor on a plant smaller than a foot tall, Laura will become a micro-star!

Pinky Baby

Blushing glittery, striped pastel pink tomatoes ripen to a deep red. If you love a sweet tomato, this Minimater is for you. 

Peachy Baby

This is an exciting line that produces adorable little fruit that look just like a tiny peach. We are loving the sweet-tart flavor coming from this line.

Mango Baby

Named after the mango tree with its wide spreading branches, this plant produces an orange-yellow-red fruit with a nice sweet and very slightly tart flavor.